A sports injury is immensely frustrating. To perform at your best, it is important to understand how the sport you play demands your body to work, and that you ensure your muscles are conditioned appropriately.

At The Spinal Answer: Family Chiropractic you can gain a complete understanding of your injury and the physical demands your activities place on your body.  This approach enables a better understanding and awareness of your body, speeding up recovery, management and aids future injury prevention.


“I took my son to The Spinal Answer after he fell off his scooter, he was limping from a pain in his hip, Emily got him walking properly immediately after his first treatment.”

How we assess your injury

Biomechanical assessment

An assessment of your strength, balance and flexibility determines any weaknesses and imbalances in your posture and various muscle groups that may be causing your injury. This will accurately diagnose the correct treatment for you and how to prevent the injury returning.