Dr. Emily is away Weds 13th July returning to clinic Thurs 21st July.
Dr. Siobhan will be covering Emily’s clinic and is available on Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Monday 18th July ensuring you don’t get a break in your care program with us, so don’t miss out!

Summertime is here!
Whether you are travelling away for a holiday or staying at home this is a vital time to take a look at your health & well-being, and help your body to feel good.
Here are some tips to help your body shine from the inside out and to help you feel great this summer – holidays or not


Get your spine and nervous system checked & adjusted by a Chiropractor:
Our nervous system deals with all daily stresses. Just as you would do a service check or MOT for any machinery, why not your body?  The state of your physical health is a reflection of the state of your overall health and well-being. Regular maintenance check-ups when you are well and feeling healthy PREVENT any potential issues ENABLING you to makePOSITIVE health changes, and also make any injury is easier to fix!

Regular chiropractic treatments HELP you – it’s oh so simple to schedule a regular slot, book as you leave your last appointment, once it’s scheduled it’s in the diary, your body and health will thank you for it!

Stay hydrated – Drink more water. Aim for 1 litre per 25kg body weight of water per day. Increase this with increased activity, and outside temperature. Water will also help your body flush out and improve your energy. Fresh lemon squeezed into (ideally warm-hot) water each morning assists your liver and gallbladder to detox. Aim to do this every morning. We guarantee you will feel so much better.

Keep moving – Whatever works for you, aim to find an activity you enjoy and do it for at least 30 minutes each day. And if you can, exercise OUTSIDE for the natural sunlight which will help your body clock keep to time!

Rest – Along with proper movement, we also need to know when to rest. Nothing is more powerful than allowing the body to switch off, especially in a city! Allow your body quality R&R and BREATHE properly. Aim for 6-8 hours sleep each night.

Eat more greens, more vegetables and nutrient dense foods and your body will naturally reject the processed junk!

Smile and enjoy yourself – Lastly, but perhaps most importantly; smile and enjoy yourself. Be mindful and enjoy time with loved ones, friends and family. Life is too short to sweat the small stuff.

Happy Holidays from everyone at The Spinal Answer Team x