Chiropractic adjustments for joint and back pain

There are many people reading this who have experienced pain or they know someone who is tolerating uncomfortable joint and back pains thinking nothing of it. As you may know from making simple chiropractic adjustments to your spine, your joints and your lifestyle choices, you can you resolve your symptoms and you can actually feel REALLY GOOD!

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You CAN FEEL REALLY GOOD! Some people think that unless you are hospitalized or disabled by pains, you are doing alright, but
Hey-Ho this is an example of how we have an ability to deceive ourselves!

IF you get are getting distracted by the odd ache or pain, getting out of bed in the morning, when driving your car, when sitting at work, or even when exercising, it is a symptom of a disordered, dysfunctional physical body! It is a sign that something is wrong and is DAMAGED!

What happens in society is aches and pains get normalised, you may say ‘this is just me’ or ‘it’s just my age’, ‘it will go away’, I will exercise through it’! Plus, you may also be surrounded by others who have aches and pains, and so it gets ‘normalised’. Well, we are going to let you into a little secret……pain is NOT normal! Pain is often the last symptom to show when there is a problem, and it is a sign that there is DAMAGE going on in your body that needs attention!

SO, as a particularly special act of kindness, and because we totally believe in wellbeing, optimum health, and being pain free, we are offering all your friends and family a massive 50% off initial consultations for the WHOLE OF MARCH!
And of course this is the chance to help them break free from aches and pains, and from being….normal.