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Advantages Of A Gluten Free Diet

GFD may be effective in controlling gastrointestinal symptoms and ASD behaviors Effect of gluten free diet on gastrointestinal and behavioral indices for children with autism spectrum disorders: a randomized clinical trial. Effect of gluten free diet on gastrointestinal and behavioral indices for children with autism spectrum disorders: a randomized clinical trial. Ghalichi F, et al. [...]

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March offer – 50% off initial consultations

Chiropractic adjustments for joint and back pain There are many people reading this who have experienced pain or they know someone who is tolerating uncomfortable joint and back pains thinking nothing of it. As you may know from making simple chiropractic adjustments to your spine, your joints and your lifestyle choices, you can you resolve [...]

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The UK’s new baby car seat law – 1st March 2017

When does it start and how do I fit my child's seat? In order to keep babies and infants safe on car journeys, it’s not only essential to have a properly-fitted car seat for them - it’s the law. New research by Sheila’s Wheels, however, claims that a third of child car seats in the [...]

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Christmas and New Year opening hours and support

Please note our Festive hours The clinics are open as usual until Friday 23rd December Fulham Clinic times: 24-27th Dec CLOSED 28th Dec OPEN  29th Dec CLOSED 30-31st Dec OPEN 3rd Jan OPEN  Four Marks Hampshire 22 Dec-3 Jan CLOSED WEDS 4th Jan OPEN We look forward to looking after you during the run up to Christmas, keeping you moving, [...]

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Scheduling your health and sharing the love

We are so happy how the Hampshire clinic is working so well with Emily still practicing the same times in her Fulham clinic in London. It's is so rewarding to work in more places and to be able to help more people with chiropractic. Dr Emily's clinic hours in Fulham HAVE NOT CHANGED. Dr Emily [...]

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New Clinic Open at Four Marks, Hampshire

The Spinal Answer: Family Chiropractic is expanding Opening a second clinic in Four Marks,  Hampshire. We are so excited to announce the opening of another branch of The Spinal Answer: Family Chiropractic in Hampshire where treatment will be available for all members of the family, for all types of aches and pains, injuries, general wellness, [...]

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Fulham Chiropractic Clinic Holiday Dates

Dr. Emily is away Weds 13th July returning to clinic Thurs 21st July. Dr. Siobhan will be covering Emily's clinic and is available on Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Monday 18th July ensuring you don't get a break in your care program with us, so don't miss out! Summertime is here! Whether you are travelling away [...]

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Tips for Pregnant Women and Mothers

Information & Tips for Pregnant Women and Mothers I have helped many women throughout their pregnancies and found that the most common reason for these women seeking chiropractic care is for pain relief from low back ache, general back ache, pelvic pain, pubic symphysis dysfunction and general musculo-skeletal aches and pains. During the course of [...]

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Welcome to Dr Siobhan Roughan

Siobhan is available to cover Emily's holidays and the rest of the week including Saturday's so you can get chiropractic adjustment when you need it and treatment plans don't get fragmented! Plus she is HERE TO STAY starting 27th FEBRUARY 2016 practicing onWednesday afternoon/evenings and Saturday mornings! In 2012 Siobhan graduated from New Zealand Chiropractic College and set up her own practice in NZ. Europe was calling [...]

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