We are so happy how the Hampshire clinic is working so well with Emily still practicing the same times in her Fulham clinic in London. It’s is so rewarding to work in more places and to be able to help more people with chiropractic.
Dr Emily’s clinic hours in Fulham HAVE NOT CHANGED.

Dr Emily in Fulham       
Mon   1430h -1900h
Tue    1030h -1900h
Thu    1030h – 1900h
Fri     0800h – 1300h

Dr Siobhan in Fulham:
Mon   1200h -1430h
Wed   1400h -1930h
Fri    1400h – 1930h
Sat    0900h -1300h

Hampshire Clinic (Dr Emily only)
Mon 1030h- 1230h, Weds 1430h-1800h, Fri 1500h-1800h

PLEASE NOTE: Emily is going on holiday to Australia for 3 weeks in November!  So you MUST schedule your appointments for October and the end of November (on her return) because the diary is filling fast!

The clinic will remain open as usual whilst Dr Emily is

away, chiropractic will be available Monday to Saturday with chiropractors Dr Siobhan and Dr Terry


Who’s taking responsibility of your health?
Chiropractic can help

Are you scheduling health and wellness in your daily routine? If you aren’t booking time out for your health and well being you are heading for an injury, illness or just burn out!  With holidays over and routines returning we hope that taking care of your health and well being is the top of your list of priorities, but do you schedule it? Like you schedule your fitness or personal trainer, or a hair cut, you need to do the same with your chiropractic adjustments! Pain is often the last signal something is wrong. Health and well being is not just about eating right and exercise, it is also about sleeping well, thinking well and MOVING well. Here at the Spinal Answer: Family Chiropractic we believe that optimal health is about your body and mind getting a balance between physical stress (exercise), emotional stress and chemical stress (diet, food intolerance, vitamins). If you have more of one of these ‘stresses’ in your life, your nervous system will struggle. Your body will let you know leading to physical aches or pains, injuries, poor sleep, low or irritable mood, food intolerance /reactions, or you will just get sick.

Chiropractic is EXCELLENT at helping your nervous system deal with and manage the extra or unbalanced stresses that may have crept in to your life. Chiropractic manipulation and cranial adjustments work by re-connecting the broken links in your nervous system, allowing you to function, feel and be able to cope with stress!

Regular Chiropractic adjustments ultimately allow you to be, feel and function your very best! So if you haven’t had a chiropractic adjustment recently, or you have more stress in your life than usual, suffering with sleep issues or worst of all you have aches or pain – SCHEDULE an appointment!

We are passionate about chiropractic care and how it can help people in so many ways. We strive to be able to help as many people as possible. If you know anyone who you think will benefit from chiropractic, we are offering * 50% off initial consultations (which include a treatment, and with all chiropractors) for the month of October. *Must be referred by an existing patient  – by the way that is YOU!

Live Well Wellbeing Healthy Life Concept

Live Well Wellbeing Healthy Life Concept