ab9551e4548598111f87e31eb2547195_f167Siobhan is available to cover Emily’s holidays and the rest of the week including Saturday’s so you can get chiropractic adjustment when you need it and treatment plans don’t get fragmented! Plus she is HERE TO STAY starting 27th FEBRUARY 2016 practicing onWednesday afternoon/evenings and Saturday mornings!

In 2012 Siobhan graduated from New Zealand Chiropractic College and set up her own practice in NZ. Europe was calling and in 2015 she passed on her vibrant and successful clinic to pursue her dream of working in London.  Siobhan uses many of same techniques as Emily practising in a holistic way using exercise rehabilitation and nutrition to complement chiropractic care.

She has qualifications in personal training and nutrition as well as background of chiropractic experience coming from a family line of chiropractors – 5 of her immediate family members have their own clinics down under!  
Siobhan’s passion is to help families with natural healthcare through chiropractic as she experienced first-hand the powerful impact this had on the health and well-being of her own immediate family. She has experience treating patients of all ages including babies and children, pregnant women, the elderly and athletes.

We always want you to be in your best possible health and fitness, research shows regular maintenance chiropractic adjustments keep your joints and muscles working well keeping injuries at bay and you healthier and happier! 

Optimum health and fitness is just a few of clicks away- book online today!