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72edb90829e6183a584c04d0cd076429_f26Dr Emily Mason BSc (Hons) MSc (Chiro) DC


Emily Mason established her thriving practice The Spinal Answer: Family Chiropractic in Fulham in 2006, and in 2016 is close to opening her second practice in Four Marks, Hampshire. Emily practices in both the Fulham and Four Marks clinics weekly.

Emily treats all ages from newborn babies to the elderly and from pregnant women to professional athletes. Her chiropractic care programs include health and lifestyle management, nutritional advice and exercise rehabilitation. Emily is dedicated to providing outstanding chiropractic care and wellness opportunities to all who seek to maximise their true health potential and maintain their long term wellness.

She graduated from The Anglo European College of Chiropractic with a BSc Honours and Masters in Chiropractic in 2002 and gained her Doctor of chiropractic DC in 2003. In 2011 to 2013 she set up a successful satellite clinic in the City of London treating city executives. Emily works alongside and within large corporations providing chiropractic to employees, keeping staff at work and in great health, promoting the “back to work campaign”. She has extensive training in nutrition, fitness and exercise rehabilitation and maintains an active interest in the latest research and trends in all areas of health, sport and fitness.

In 2007 she gained the advanced qualification in Sacro-Occipital Technique requiring three years post graduate study and 100 hours of seminar attendance.

Emily’s passion is to promote and guide every individual towards positive health and wellbeing naturally, using a wealth of techniques including Sacro-Occipital Technique, Craniopathy (cranial technique), Diversified, Gonstead, Toggle recoil, Activator, Kinnective, Trigenics, Active Release Technique (ART), Applied Kinesiology, BEST/Access, functional nutrition and exercise rehabilitation therapy.

Emily travels throughout the UK and Europe teaching chiropractors and students chiropractic care and techniques for pregnancy and paediatrics.

She has written several articles for various publications including The National Childbirth Trust, Families Magazine and Little Style Book. She was the “Ask the expert” for SportSister magazine, and ergonomics adviser for ‘People Moving and Handling’ DVD for Health and Safety Group.

Emily is a registrant of The General Chiropractic Council, a member of The British Chiropractic Association, The European Chiropractic Association and The International Chiropractic Paediatrics Association. She is licentiate member of The Royal College of Chiropractors.





Sports Massage Therapist Antonia Poole

Antonia qualified as a sports massage therapist and personal trainer from Premier training in 2008. She has qualifications teaching mat Pilates and as a Performance Matrix movement specialist. Antonia is able to identify weak links and dysfunctional movement patterns in the body that might be contributing to poor posture, chronic aches and pains and poor sports performance.

Antonia likes to work with her patients to achieve their goals and resolve their conditions through strengthening and toning the body, stretching and releasing tight, restricted muscles to retrain posture and improve joint mechanics and stability.

She has eight years of clinic experience and works at the Spinal Answer on Tuesday mornings 8am-10:30 and Wednesday 4:30pm-8pm.



Sports Massage Therapist Dominika Gajek

Dominika completed her training as a Sport Massage Therapist in 2011 at London School of Sport and Remedial Massage. Dominika has continued her professional development completing various massage courses including Pregnancy Massage and Medical Dry Needling. She combines all of her learnt techniques from over the years and her extensive ‘hands on’ experience to provide the best possible treatment to each of her patients. Her technique includes trigger point therapy, stretching techniques, cross friction and massage.

Dominika believes massage is essential to maintain body balance and well-being. Massage is one of many techniques to increase the prevention of many imbalances that can occur in overloaded body tissues. Her passion lies in her treatment and passing on her knowledge about body and its awareness.

Dominika is available at the clinic for appointments on Fridays between 2pm-8pm